Christian Educational Services Australia

2017 calendar

monthly worship service

Meetings will be at 10.30am on the following Sabbaths:

- 4th February

- 4th March

- 1st April

- 7th May

- 6th June

- 1st July

- 5th August

- 2nd September

- 4th November

- 2nd December

CESA will be hosting a Feast of Tabernacles from 4th October to the 12th October.  First service is on the evening of 4th October.

CESA is a non-denominational service which exists solely to spread the Word of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Christian Educational Services Inc (Australia) was incorporated on 19th July 1996 as a non-profit association purely for the purpose of providing quality materials for Christian growth and edification.  We remain formally unaffiliated with any religious organisation, though we seek friendship with all Churches and organisations who strive to faithfully represent the teachings of Jesus Christ. 

In 1996 the board of Christian Educational Ministries (CEM) in the USA, granted us permission to act as licensee for their materials in Australia and surrounding regions. CEM has kindly allowed us to duplicate and make available their wide range of Biblical study materials. We are not CEM, though we are friends of CEM. 

Each year we send out approximately 8,000 CD's/DVD's to subscribers in Australia, made available free of charge.  There are many people who count on the CESA materials as a source of sound biblical teaching, inspiration and encouragement. 

The service we provide is largely voluntary and made possible by freewill donations from our supporters.


CESA provides a monthly worship service in Brisbane as a unique opportunity for Christian fellowship without regard to organisational bounds or membership of any kind.

The service is open to all who wish to peacefully attend, whatever your persuasion, and is run in general according to 2 major principles: 

(1) to hold fast to the faith of Jesus Christ and the Commandments of God.

(2) to respect one another in Christian love.

Please feel free to join us to coffee, tea and light refreshments following services.  We hope to see you there!

Venue: Springwood (Logan East) Community Centre

53 - 57 Cinderella Drive, Springwood QLD  4127

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